Sony to spend $1.2 billion to double image sensor output | Reuters

According to #IsabelReyn0lds 2010, “@Sony Corp will invest $1.2 billion in the next #financial year to double its output of image #sensors, taking advantage of brisk demand for #digital cameras and #smartphones.” Article Continued > #digitalcameras #electronics #technology #consulting @Callistecomm

Conference: TechCrunch Disrupt 2010

TechCrunch host the TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 conference on May 24 – May 26th.  #techcrunch #conferences It is a stellar line-up of technology company executives, analysts, programmers and entrepreneurs. Definitely take a look at the site Click for Web Site #Michael…

Callistecomm to sign new client: Ohio based real estate development company

(April 9, 2010) – Calliste Communications (Callistecomm) will sign an Ohio based real estate development and management company client in coming days. Callistecomm will provide strategic business consultation to the client and is responsible for advising on corporate structure, developing…