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Calliste Communications (Callistecomm) believes micro-investing, angel investing and “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)”, in start-up Entrepreneurs and small businesses located in emerging markets continues to create substantial opportunities around the globe. Many opportunities exists for entrepreneurs and small business owners to expand distribution and sales in emerging markets.


A Message from Our Managing Director

Since 2015, Callistecomm recognizes and anticipates continued opportunities for expansion, sales growth and asset protection are available in emerging markets in South East Asia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines. In Africa, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other countries. In Central and South America Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela.

Developed markets such as North America the United States of America, Canada, in Western Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, France will grow at a much slower pace. Northern Europe promisses some growth in Poland, Lithuania and possibly Latvia and Estonia.

Callistecomm further anticipates, over the next 10 to 20 years, entrepreneurs and small business owners will substantiality introduce their products and services in South East Asia, East Asia, Asia-Pacific, South America, parts of Central America, parts of the Middle East, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Northern Europe (Baltic States), Eastern Europe and the Caribbean (CARICOM), especially, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago.

Certainly all can change for the worse at any time. Political change, military intervention, climate change, international law and other less appealing factors can negatively influence growth opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners benefit from strategic partners that locate necessary resources, to navigate the challenges and limit any adversity. A strategic partner should mitigate risk, sometimes overcome red tape, and speed up processes so your business can successfully hit the ground running and safely benefit.

It is our promise to you, Callistecomm associates will continue to research and communicate the trends both negative and positive in these markets to our clients. So our clients can make informed decisions to act accordingly.

~ Mr. G. C. Calliste Jr.
Founder, Managing Director
Calliste Communications
“Connecting You To Better Business”™
Dated: May 20, 2016

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Calliste Communications™ @Callistecomm "Connecting You To Better Business™"


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