Strategic Business Development

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con·sult·ant [ kǝn súltǝnt ]

1. professional adviser: an expert who charges a fee for providing advice or services in a particular field. (Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition])

A ‘Strategic Business Development’ session with a Callistecomm business consultant includes the following 7 step process:

1. Listen
2. Process
3. Research
4. Advise
5. Draft
6. Conclude
7. Deliver Solutions

Callistecomm affordable business consultants provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with researched and accurate information to create solutions.

Callistecomm affordable business consultants listen to situations or ideas and assist the client, to organize and develop a strategy and action plan, to prevent or resolve the situation or engage the opportunity.

    Time is spent processing, advising, drafting and concluding answers to complex questions or analyzing new ideas.

Whether sitting in on a brainstorming strategy session, a private business meeting or providing a well researched analysis in a private meeting. Callistecomm affordable business consultants will assist to resolve your situations and grow your opportunities.

    Callistecomm advisors also participate as board of directors, on committee’s or independent advisory boards.


Learn how a Callistecomm affordable business consultant can assist your company to create business strategy, locate efficient jurisdications for your start-up business, manage daily business operations, secure intellectual property such as copyright and trademarks and protect your business assets.


Ready! Set! Go! The first consultation is on us. A ‘Free Initial Consultation’.


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