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  • Callistecomm offers website development solutions – a secure, easy to update Managed WordPress website.
  • Let Callistecomm manage your website with our Webmaster service. Provide the plugin updates and security maintenance as your Webmaster.
  • Live streaming and hosted Video-on-Demand (VoD) is on the rise. Let Callistecomm assist your business to add a potential media monetization revenue stream.
  • Callistecomm offers a Music-on-Demand (MoD) and VoD based Digital Media Management System (DMMS™) solution to increase media monetization
  • Callistecomm offers your business an option to add a payment gateway to host and monetize live streaming events.

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Technology is expanding exponentially. Computer and Internet technology has leveled the playing field and allowed the entrepreneur and small business owner to successfully compete with larger organizations.

Are you using technology and the Web to boost revenues for your business? Does your business have visibility on social and business media network’s? Mobile networks? Do you even have a social media network strategy or idea for your business?

For many years entrepreneurs have said, “I don’t do computers let alone programming”, “Facebook and Twitter are not effective tools for my business.” or “I just do not have the time to manage everything myself.” These are a few of the statements we hear from entrepreneurs quite often. So your question to Calliste should be, how do I apply the advances in technology to benefit my business?

Learn how Callistecomm affordable business consultants can assist your company to build a secure website, with an effective mobile Internet presence, and strong social network engagement to potentially earn your company more revenue.


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Calliste Communications™ @Callistecomm "Connecting You To Better Business™"


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