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Calliste Communications™ @Callistecomm "Connecting You To Better Business™"

Calliste Communications (Callistecomm™) offers affordable business consulting services to entrepreneurs, small business owners and entertainers around the globe:

Our Services

  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Entertainment Management
  • Emerging Markets Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Calliste Communications™ @Callistecomm "Connecting You To Better Business™"

    Callistecomm™ business consultants provide the advice and business tools needed to avoid pitfalls and create solutions that reduce risks, protect assets and maximize results.


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    Calliste Communications @Callistecomm "Connecting You To Better Business™"

    By assisting entrepreneurs to organize their startup, project, or event. Entrepreneurs can focus on developing their company’s products, services and sales.

  "Connecting You to Better Business™"

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    Calliste Communications™ @Callistecomm "Connecting You To Better Business™"

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