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New York, N.Y. – Today’s mobile technology and social media apps heavily influence the way people communicate. Some people prefer to text entire conversations and are opposed to communicating the old fashion way, by Morse code (just kidding), face-to-face or a phone call. Email is another form of communication widely accepted as a way to get your message across.

However you choose to communicate, not replying to a message is unprofessional and somewhat disrespectful. It is not wise to leave a person wondering what you “may” think. Provide the person with whom you are communicating a decisive answer or response.

Here is a short checklist of obvious business etiquette tips posted by Callistecomm founder, managing director and senior consultant Mr. Calliste Jr., @CALLISTE (TW). Calliste Jr., is a successful serial Entrepreneur for over 32 years, management consultant and angel investor who shares these obvious business etiquette pointers, that sometimes are overlooked or taken for granted, especially with the younger generation Millennials.

1. Return Calls, Emails and Text Messages Promptly. Calliste Jr. suggests as soon as you can, “Prompt and concise replies earn you consideration.” “It also depends on the importance and contents of the message, so not later than 2 business days”, says Calliste Jr.

Calliste Jr. adds, “I prefer separate emails with the topic of discussion listed in the subject line. This makes the topic of discussion easy to retrieve through search (within the app) and explored.”

2. Using Text & Instant Messages. Use text messages to gain someones attention to a business matter, short non-important information. Use text messages to direct someones attention to an email you sent or to schedule a day and time to discuss, by conference call – where you can record or where someone is keeping minutes, of the business topic of discussion. It is not advised to use text and instant messaging to try and finalize valuable business deals. You may find, you do not have any legal rights or recourse when using text or instant messages.

3. Call or Email Ahead of Scheduled Meetings. Be sure to confirm your attendance at an up coming meeting so your meeting prospect is not wondering if you will attend or not. Remember, if you are meeting someone for a face-to-face meeting, it is proper business etiquette to call or Email ahead of your departure to alert the person you are on your way.

4. Be on Time for Meetings. Whether tele-meetings or face-to-face meetings, be on time. If you will not attend, at least cancel, no later than, 60 minutes in advance of a scheduled meeting. To give your meeting prospect an opportunity to use the cancelled time for productive means. They will appreciate you for doing so. Always cancel scheduled meetings you can not attend immediately.

5. Engage. Retweet, “Like” or “💜” your social network followers content such as tweets and LinkedIn posts respectively. Ask yourself, why am I following this person if I do not engage them and their content? Also, engage your social and business network followers more often to learn what they are up to and how you can be of assistance. Also learn who, in your networks, you can depend on to retweet, share and 💜 your content. Remember engage, retweet, share and 💜 your social and business network contacts and their content.

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Mr. Calliste Jr. is a serial entrepreneur and energetic team leader, C-suite executive, and management consultant. For 32+ years he recruited successful teams, developed and partnered music company’s and sold an est. 5.0MM units, generating an estimated $25MM in global sales and through events management grew sales at  venues by 350%. His peers say he’s “an authority on music marketing, licensing, and independent talent development” and “…a natural at identifying new trends and opportunities related to start ups and strategic business.” He received two separate RIAA Gold awards for 500,000 units sold on popular releases.

Calliste Jr. studied dual majors BSc. in Information Technology & BSc. in Management Information Sciences at The Ross School of Management and Leadership at Franklin University. He’s fluent in English, speaks moderate Spanish and French, and is learning Mandarin Chinese and Arabic.

Since 2006 – present he volunteers as an Opinions Leaders Panelist on the Economist’s Economist Intelligence Unit (E.I.U.).

2009 – present he is the founder and Chairman, CEO and President of and Simplestream Technologies.

In ’08 Calliste Jr. invited by a prominent New York City attorney, participated as volunteer on finance committee for then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Primary for President.

In ’07 – ’10, served as Special Advisor at not-for-profit

In ’05 he’s founder and Managing Director at Callistecomm.

In ’04 He created curriculum for 2 online based internship programs, Public Relations Assistant and Marketing Assistant positions. Students received credit towards their majors for 12 accredited universities The Ohio State University, Ohio University, Capital University, University of Miami (FL) and additional institutions, spending over 4,500 hours supervising 30+ interns.

In ’01 – present he founded and serves as Chairman & CEO, Bassmint Music Inc.

In ‘00 he promoted an impromptu V.I.P. birthday bash for then The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson an event with Columbus Monthly, Charles Penzone, Guess?,

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