Emerging Markets

#Likeaboss #Millennials The Rise of Emerging Markets #Entrepreneurs | Forbes

#entrepreneurship #emergingmarkets #millennials #leaders According to Morgan Stanley Voice 2016, on, “The Millennial entrepreneurship story isn’t just happening in Silicon Valley, Brooklyn and Austin, Texas. In recent years, the NextGen entrepreneurship has seen impressive growth in emerging markets. According…

Ranking of Economies – Doing Business | World Bank Group

Ranking of Economies – Doing Business | World Bank Group

#business #consulting #WorldBank #IFC #investing #vc @Callistecomm Latest Ranking of Economies Doing Business list by World Bank Group. There are 189 countries benchmarked through June 2013. United States is ranked 4th, Denmark 5th, Malaysia 6th, Korea, Rep. 7th, Georgia 8th…

China and Vietnam to Strengthen Military Ties: Report | Reuters

According to Melanie Lee 2011, “China and Vietnam have agreed to strengthen military cooperation, increase contacts between high-ranking officers and establish a hotline for the two defense ministries, in a bid to cool tensions between the Communist-ruled neighbors.” Read More >