Calliste is mind mapping its future

(Columbus, Ohio) – Calliste Communications (CC) is in talks with a China based software development and manufacturing company the name of which will be announced at a later date. The company contacted Calliste to implement its North American sales campaign. The deal entails CC implementing and managing a North American press, marketing and promotions campaign and managing all North American training and support for the next two years.

CC will initially direct software sales and marketing and promotions efforts towards the “20.5 million registered U.S. college and university students (U.S. Census Bureau 2006)” then expand the campaign to include developing the U.S. small business market. A representative of Calliste says, “The objective is to reach at least a #2 market position by the end of 4Q 2009.” A representative of Calliste Communications, says, “There are tremendous gains for both sides to be made here.”

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