GigaOm: 8 Guides to becoming a power business social networker

@jerrycallistejr: Recently I read an email from someone that @Callistecomm considered recruiting to its team. The person said and I paraphrase, “…and I don’t believe Facebook is taken that serious for business…” There were more statements made and once again, about how certain people this person knows who do not use social or business networks and I’ll paraphrase once more “…therefore there is really no relevance on why we should.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading. That is the motivation behind this post. @Callistecomm are still looking for someone for that position. Need I say more.

According to Sebastien Rupley 2010, “Social networking tools are critical to how most of us keep up with others and raise our profiles in the working world. They are also emerging as ever more useful ways for businesses to communicate. Here are eight essential guides from our network that can make you a power business user of social tools.” #gigaom #socialnetworks #business #businessmodels #consulting @callistecomm #LinkedIn #Facebook #Twitter