Callistecomm available for select projects in 2010

According to Jerry Calliste Jr., Managing Director, Calliste Communications, @callistecomm “The team at Callistecomm are available for select research, consulting, offshore business development, project management (outsourced IT, web site development and e-Commerce) based projects for entrepreneurs and small businesses.”  Send an email message to “Get Started” for details. Below is a list of a few projects and joint venture deals Callistecomm is currently working on.

Digital Music Media

Callistecomm is researching and consulting business, financial, marketing and technology plan development for UplugMusic a USA based start-up digital music media company. More information on this project soon.

In late 2009 into early 2010 Callistecomm worked with the team at Bassmintmusic and are responsible for a) developing the team, b) business plan development and software project development for independent music service company  or (BTVHD) @bassmintmusic soft launched October 2009.  We understand the official launch is expected  in September or November 2010.  According to a representative at Bassmintmusic, the independent mp3 and ring tone service (a separate company and venture) will officially launch in late 2010.

Custom CMS software

Callistecomm is responsible for a) negotiating the joint venture terms and provisions between (web site under development) and a Northern Europe based software company  to create USA based joint venture (official web site under development) located on twitter @simplestreamhd b) locating and securing new sales leads and clients, c)  researching and drafting of business plan, financial projections marketing and technology plan development and d) locating and securing investment capital. soft launched October 2009.

Toy Manufacturing and Global Distribution

Callistecomm is communicating with an Indonesian based toy manufacturer. The deal is expected top result in a new joint venture where Callistecomm will assist the Indonesian based company with a) expansion into new markets, b) expansion of production capabilities and c) quality control production materials. More information to be announced soon.

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