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@Netflix expects video #streaming to drown out DVDs | #streamingmedia #vod #digitalmedia

Read more: According to AP technology Writer Michael Liedtke 2010, “Netflix is preparing for the day when getting DVDs by mail is as old-fashioned as going to the video store. It’s hoping to wean people from DVDs with a…

“@Hulu cuts subscription fee as service launches” #webtv #digitalmedia #streamingmedia #consulting

Read more According to Jennifer Saba 2010, “Internet video company Hulu slashed the price of its subscription service Hulu Plus, which made its official debut on Wednesday.” #webtv #streamingmedia #digitalmedia #consulting @Hulu @Callistecomm

Callistecomm to post white papers on Independent Music

Calliste Communications (@callistecomm), Managing Director, Jerry Calliste Jr. @jerrycallistejr a 27 plus year veteran recorded music and music publishing company executive is completing 1 of 10 white papers this week referencing independent music artists and digital music distribution. The first…