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The Callistecomm client is . . .

• An aspiring entrepreneur, a young Millennial or a retiree with an idea for a start-up business and needs a comprehensive business plan or marketing plan with S.W.O.T. analysis.

• A small business owner who wants to take the company to the next level and must expand the business team.

• A foreign business owner who wants to expand into North America, or expand into Asia or emerging markets and needs strategic business advice.

• An entertainer who wants to “learn” and “earn” on the “business” side of today’s recorded music and film industries. A creative mind who needs assistance with business operations and entertainment management, advice to create a sound strategy, protect assets and maximize profits.

• An entrepreneur or entertainer who wants to protect intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, tradename and assets and needs strategic business advice to insure security.

• An entrepreneur who needs a webmaster, someone who can secure and maintain software updates and backups of the company website, add e-commerce functionality or new custom software development.

• An entrepreneur who wants to save money and needs a project management professional project management to locate and manage outsourced overseas software, mobile app and technology developers.

Our Services and our Partners products and services, assist you to achieve your goals.

Calliste Communications™ @Callistecomm "Connecting You To Better Business™"


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